See our Product webmaster docs for full explanation of the Product type, and how to encode Product data in RDFa, microformats or microdata. This page exists to contain a machine-readable microdata description of the Product type itself (at the URI

An item with the item type represents a product. The following are the type’s defined property names:

Property Description
brand The brand of the product-for example, ACME.
category The product category-for example, “Books-Fiction”, “Heavy Objects”, or “Cars”.
description Product description.
name (fn) Product name.
image URL of product photo.
review A nested review-aggregate of the product (for example, the average rating). If there are multiple reviews of the product, mark up aggregated review data (for example, the average rating from all users) using Review-aggregate rather than individual reviews.
identifier The product identifier. Google recommends including brand and at least one identifier for each product. Recognized types include: asin, isbn, mpn, sku, upc.
offerdetails An offer to sell the product. Includes a nested Offer or Offer-aggregate.